Consulting Services: Daycare Program for First Nations Bands

Virna Tiller has over 20 years experience in supervising, organizing and directing early education programs in both Canada and Latin America.

She supervised an early education project for UNICEF in Peru. She organized a community daycare project in Honduras, Central America, and was an advisor to a national daycare program to train teachers in the Montessori method.

More recently, she organized and directed a daycare program with a Montessori preschool component for four First Nations bands in the Saanich Peninsula, British Columbia, Canada.

Her special interest is in assisting First Nations communities to establish Montessori-based daycare and preschool programs to give their children the opportunity for individualized learning at their own pace. By including the active participation of elders and other community members in the program, the children, moreover, gain a deeper understanding of their cultural heritage.

For more information regarding consultations in setting up early childhood education projects, locally, nationally or internationally, you can reach Virna at:

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or at (250) 881-8666